Collagen – Essential for skin health

Collagen is a component of all cellular tissue, and is composed of proteins synthesized by fibroblast cells. It looks like fibers under a microscope, and makes up about 80% of skin content, especially in the dermis region. This is because its role is an essential one in maintaining the firmness and elasticity of skin; once… Read More »

The benefits of GABA

GABA or Gamma Aminobutyric Acid is one of those nutrients that work well as a HGH releaser, even if taken on its own, although it is frequently combined with other nutrients in a formulation. It is technically, a non essential amino acid that is mainly concentrated in the brain and nervous system. Although the body… Read More »

HGH vs body fat theory reexamined

Are you aware that there is a firm connection between low HGH levels and obesity? Is this why people who are in their 30s can be spotted almost straight away by the very obvious fact that they are more “padded”? Don’t just take my word for it, but go out and observe many people in… Read More »

Resveratrol and rapamycin anti aging potential

Reading this article brings back a sense of déjà vu for me, as it wasn’t very long ago that I was reporting the same thing. But now, it seems we can look forward to even longer lifespans, perhaps five decades past a hundred. New drugs that can increase lifespan are currently being developed, which may… Read More »

Deer antler velvet

If you notice, many HGH formulations nowadays contain deer antler extract. More precisely, they contain deer antler velvet extract, which are the extracts from immature deer antlers. It seems like almost any HGH product must have deer antler velvet in their ingredients list these days. So what is it about deer antler velvet that makes… Read More »

Losing weight with HGH

One of the prominent effects of HGH is to increase weight loss. One of the chief reasons why we tend to gain weight (especially around the belly) during middle age, is because our body metabolism slows down and becomes less efficient compared to youth. HGH on the other hand, has been found to be one… Read More »

The mind factor in anti aging

The single most important thing in staying young is the mind, and this cannot be emphasized enough. We need to use our minds to our advantage because it is our most powerful gift. Ancient peoples recognized the power of the mind in creating, and in destroying. Make no mistake; the mind is always involved in… Read More »