GHRH – Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone

By | July 17, 2008

The best kept “secret” in human growth hormone research so far, is likely to be Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, or commonly abbreviated to GHRH. It is also called Growth Hormone Releasing Factor (GHRF) or somatocrinin. GHRH precedes the release of growth hormone proper (HGH), by stimulating its release from the pituitary gland. Its effect is the direct opposite of that of Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone (GHIH), also called somatostatin.

What is promising about GHRH is that it has shown much potential as the ideal substitute for HGH, along with IGF-1. Personally, I think GHRH (and not HGH), could be the anti aging treatment of choice for the future. It is not as fast acting as injections or as dramatic, but you also get greater peace of mind – The potential risks are minimized at the same time.

As mentioned before, GHIH is the main enemy of HGH, and it increases with increasing age whilst GHRH declines with age. Most agree that GHRH plays a highly important role in anti aging, because it is after all, the precursor of HGH. If you want to categorize it as an HGH releaser, than it’s likely the ULTIMATE HGH releaser there is! But wait. Besides GHRH, there’s more to it, and I’ll mention them in a second.

GHRHGHRH is aptly produced by certain neurons called arcuates within the hypothalamus, that important governor of the automatic functions of the body. It is what triggers HGH release. Composed of 44 amino acids, it is but one of the multitudes of peptide hormones known so far. Although many folks have been entirely preoccupied with HGH, very few people actually know of the existence, and role, that GHRH plays in the body. So far, studies on GHRH have been fewer in number compared to studies on HGH, but then again, GHRH was only discovered in 1982. That doesn’t mean GHRH is any less effective than HGH. What is striking, is it closely matches the pulsating release mode of growth hormone.

GHRH is technically, just a polypeptide that induces cellular growth much like what IGF-1 does. Actually they are just another form of Human Growth Factor. There are current ongoing trials by some of the larger pharmaceutical companies in cloning a peptide compound with similar effect to GHRH, but with a simpler peptide structure.

The quest for a safe, convenient substitute for HGH has spun a slew of efforts to find something safer, less dramatic, but still highly effective at the same time. One of these is MK0677, which is an HGH inducing human growth factor developed in the late 1990a by the Merck pharmaceutical company. It is already long established among medical circles that GHRH and spin-off growth hormone releasing peptides increase HGH levels in the body.

This path of looking away from HGH, and focusing on HGH releaser agents, is a step in the right direction, and gives me a lot of hope for the future. With all the negative press being hurled at HGH (rather unjustly I must say), can GHRH and similar developed compounds keep anti aging interest (centered on HGH) alive? There is no doubt that HGH has been abused (and continues to be abused) by many. But we have alcohol and cigarettes as well, to abuse. Even vitamin pills.