How to naturally raise your Growth Hormone levels

By | June 8, 2017

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is one of the key hormones that control the rate of aging in the human body. Alongside the cellular DNA, you would do well to pay attention to your levels of growth hormone, because it is a key component of the aging process. How slow or how fast you age, depends on the amount of HGH that your body produces. Too little of it, and you age faster. Too much of it, and you could get acromegaly. Thus, only optimum levels of it are required for peak health.

Awareness about HGH has been steadily increasing over the past 2 decades. More and more people are becoming aware of what HGH can do for them, but sadly, many still equate it with steroids or bodybuilding. They think that HGH is a quick muscle building drug like steroids. Since steroids have a negative perception outside of bodybuilding circles, many also regard HGH in the same light.

The truth is, HGH is much more than a steroid. It is able to revitalize your body from the inside out and liven up a tired old face. But the catch is this, more is not better when it comes to this hormone. Some people who have the money get HGH injections for themselves, but it is very dangerous when you do not have any qualified doctor to supervise you. Besides, growth hormone injections are very costly, even though the cost has dropped somewhat over the years.

The human body only needs a little bit of regular HGH supplementation if its levels are too low. That’s all it takes, not vials and vials of unnatural injections. What if you can raise your own growth hormone levels naturally? There are natural methods of raising HGH levels naturally, although they do not work overnight and require some level of daily effort.

The two natural methods are a very intensive fitness regimen, and supplementation with amino acid stacks such as with GenF20 Plus. These two are not exclusive of each other, and of course, you need to adopt everything in a holistic approach, but yes they are the best practical, yet natural means of increasing your own body’s level of Human Growth Hormone.

Amino acid stacks simply mean a group of amino acids (proteins) that are taken in combined form, and when these proteins are taken in their elemental form, research has shown that these amino acid stacks can induce the pituitary gland (which produces HGH in the body) to become more active in function again. Regular amino acid stack intake has an effect of powering up the pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone regularly, as well.

An intensive fitness regimen can also induce the pituitary gland into secreting more growth hormone, although you can only achieve this by doing weight lifting, not aerobics. Aerobic exercise can tone up the body and is good for the heart, but does not have the same effect on the pituitary gland as weight lifting does. There are more than a few videos on YouTube that really prove that old people who are heavily into weight resistance exercises on a daily basis can actually have a great looking body rivaling people many decades younger.

Of course, not everyone has the discipline and motivation to push themselves every day in heavy weight lifting; that is why combining both approaches (taking amino acid stacks plus regular fitness regimen without going overboard) may be the best practical way to keep aging at bay. This balanced approach still takes effort, but the good news is that anti aging is really possible as long as you truly want it.