I’m a believer that HGH and a healthy lifestyle contribute a lot in slowing down the effects of aging upon the human body. As someone who used to experience pituitary problems which resulted in “problematic” growth for me throughout my growing years, I realized about 6 years ago, that the key to improving growth problems or aging problems, lay in supplementing low HGH levels. Note that the key word is “low.” If you are young, fit, and reasonably healthy, supplementing your HGH is not something necessary.

This blog is an examination of the possibilities that HGH opens up, and news about HGH, anti aging, and other hormones. When you are discussing HGH, it must always be taken in context with all other anti aging measures. HGH is not a magic panacea for aging woes.

There is quite a bit of hype, as well as dud products floating around, that it would be good to try and clear the air on some of these issues, as well as look at other anti aging measures out there, besides HGH. However it is clear to me that HGH is one of the most potent anti aging agents in the human body, and a decline of HGH is one of the major reasons – why humans grow old.