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Mechanisms of HGH delivery other than injections

The Human Growth Hormone is a very large molecule, comprising by default, 191 amino acids. At the same time, scientists have produced various other “slimmer” forms of recombinant growth hormone that may contain a lesser number of amino acids. Undeniably, the HGH molecule is among the largest naturally occurring peptide molecules in existence. Besides the… Read More »

HGH and sleep

According to a recent study, more and more Americans are working more, and sleeping less. The average hours of sleep per person has been steadily declining since the past 20 years. Nearly 70 percent of all Americans claim to get less than 8 hours of sleep a day, with a survey finding that 30 percent… Read More »

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HGH may be able to rejuvenate aging brain cells

The human brain is not a static organ. From birth, it grows and grows, expanding in size, until around age twenty, and then for some strange reason, it shrinks gradually. It has been long thought that brain cells do not regenerate themselves in adulthood, but recent research indicates that this is not entirely correct. In… Read More »

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