Natural Low Cost Anti Aging Practices

By | June 8, 2017

Once upon a time, aging was considered natural and regretfully inevitable, but today, it is about time we change that notion. Why accept something that can still be helped? Why accept infirmity and frailty when we can still do much to maintain our health, looks, and quality of life? Unfortunately, not many of us can afford the high costs associated with most of the anti-aging products available, or check ourselves into some anti-aging clinic to avail of ourselves the services offered.

We are always told in the media that some “magic” answer to aging will arrive within a few years, but after a few years have elapsed, we are again told that the “answer” is on its way – within a few years. And so it goes on and on.

The sooner you realize that it is up to you to take the matter into your own hands, the better off you will be. And taking a HGH releaser like GenF20 Plus is one of the ways you can take control of the issue, without depending on the medical/scientific establishment. This “magic bullet” may or may not arrive, but it is what you do today, that counts.

GenF20 Plus is but one of the supplements you can buy and which makes sense from everything we know about aging so far, but are there other low cost ways to help you in this fight against aging? Yes, there are, but you need an open mind and a strong will to put in the effort. Aside from regular disciplined exercise (which is the “effort” part), what are the things you can do or take?

Urine therapy

Before you declare this a gross method that is not for you, be aware that urine therapy (or urotherapy) has been around for centuries, and is regarded as one of the natural self-healing methods in Ayurveda (ancient Hindu medical system). And of course, urine therapy costs nothing.

A substantial number of people drink their own urine, but some are not willing to admit to that, probably fearing ridicule. However, you can read from here, some of the public figures who claim to have done so. The underlying belief in urine therapy is that it contains a host of hormones and underutilized nutrients like amino acids, which can be recycled back into the body for greater efficiency, on the basis of homeopathy. One of the hormones said to be found in urine is IGF-1.

Foods that raise testosterone and estrogen

soybeanIt is a well-known fact that youth and sexual virility go hand in hand. Once we are biologically too old to breed, nature usually starts winding down and the sunset sets in. Keeping on being as sexually virile for as long as possible is one of the keys to fool our bodies into thinking and working like young. In this regard, both the male and female hormones, testosterone and estrogen – are vitally important.

We should all be taking foods that boost the production of such hormones, and many of them are low cost and easily available. For testosterone, herbs or foods like ginseng, tongkat ali, eggs, red meat, and tuna help increase production. For estrogen, take flax seeds, soybeans/soy products, and most beans/legumes.


turmericTurmeric is a golden healer and all-round cure all. It helps balance hormones in the body and may slow down or stop hair loss caused by hormonal deficiency or imbalance. Turmeric is highly potent, and just taking it raw on a daily basis is enough to fix many longstanding health issues. Turmeric is also known as a powerful anti-cancer herb.


People who fast regularly often report better health in every way. Fasting is a healthy practice that should be practiced from time to time and it doesn’t cost you a thing. The underlying principle behind fasting is that blood sugar levels drop to very low levels during a fast, which stimulates the production of HGH, and its conversion into IGF-1 also becomes more efficient when blood sugar levels are low. Fasting also helps the body eliminate toxins.

Meditation and Sleep

sleepingThat meditation reduces stress and therefore, indirectly stymies the onslaught of aging, is no longer a secret, but is one of the chief reasons why its proponents continue to advocate for it. That call has been growing louder the more stressful our “modern” lives become. Just 20 minutes of meditation a day has been found to be enough in deriving mental, emotional, and physical benefits from the practice of meditation.

Sleep is of course the primary time when growth hormone is released into the bloodstream. You cannot skimp on sleep, and if you do – you will age rapidly. This is a fact. But sleep also needs to be quality sleep, and for many people, that doesn’t come by so easily the older one gets. Melatonin, a sleep hormone produced by our own bodies at night, can prove useful to obtain deeper sleep. This hormone may also be helpful in reinforcing the benefits from HGH and IGF-1; studies have shown that people who take melatonin in the long term, have higher levels of IGF-1.

In Conclusion

The examples given above are low cost/no cost substances or practices that can contribute much towards slowing down the aging process. When combined with the HGH stimulating effects of GenF20 Plus, the results may well surprise you. Give them a try!