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Older athletes – Pushing the Envelope in Sports

Today’s athletes are getting older and older. But neither are they bowing out, or fading away, they are actually pushing the envelope ever further. We all probably have heard of the saying, “Life Begins at Forty.” But why is it we don’t seem to believe that, deep down within? Recently, Dara Torres qualified for the… Read More »

Crackdown on HGH for the coming Olympics

Athletes thinking about cheating with HGH for the coming 2008 Olympics in Beijing, had better think twice. And cutting out the injections even weeks before the Games, won’t do it. They’d be better off staying home. At least that’s according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) CEO, John Fahey, who warns that the new tests… Read More »

Hard to outwit the latest HGH testing methods

For what it’s worth, the sporting world has been having a tough time getting to grips with the ever growing usage of HGH among athletes, particularly baseball league players, and I believe they have found the solution in a new HGH testing method, that was announced not too long ago. By the way, HGH usage… Read More »

Does HGH really improve athletes performance?

A recent news article downplayed the effects of HGH on the body’s performance in sports. Aside from the fact that many athletes are now into HGH, especially baseball players, the use (and abuse) of HGH in the sporting community has now come under much scrutiny. Does HGH really improve the performance of athletes? Not much,… Read More »

Same old story about HGH

I just read a piece of news about HGH in Yahoo, that once again demonstrated the real confusion floating in the atmosphere regarding HGH. I’m all for open discussion on whether HGH is really a good treatment for aging, but that report appears very dismissive of HGH as a viable treatment for aging, and (sort… Read More »