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Resveratrol is a much touted anti aging substance found in red wine (actually it is concentrated in the skins of grapes), although it is also found in other plants like peanuts, Japanese knotweed, cranberries and blueberries. In studies done on non human subjects, resveratrol is interesting in that it has increased the lifespan of these… Read More »

The Death Hormone Theory

Is there a death hormone that actually causes you to die? This curious question haunts some anti aging researchers, who believe that this hormone does in fact exist, and surprise – it is in fact, released by the pituitary gland! Just what is this “Death Hormone” anyway? A certain Dr Donner Denckla has proposed that… Read More »

Sylvester Stallone defends his use of HGH

It’s well known, but hardly discussed. However, it’s more or less an open secret. And the question is, why should it even be a locker room secret? A large segment of celebrities use HGH for its obvious physical enhancing aspects, but due to potential controversy, this is hardly mentioned – till someone gets “caught” in… Read More »

What HGH Talk is about

What this blog is about. Is this blog about anti aging? Yes, it is. Is it about Human Growth Hormone as a viable anti aging fighter? Yes it is. And much more than that. This site is about anything to do with HGH or the Human Growth Hormone and other associated hormones that are increasingly… Read More »