Does HGH really improve athletes performance?

By | December 21, 2007

A recent news article downplayed the effects of HGH on the body’s performance in sports. Aside from the fact that many athletes are now into HGH, especially baseball players, the use (and abuse) of HGH in the sporting community has now come under much scrutiny.

Does HGH really improve the performance of athletes? Not much, according to this recent news report. Of note though, is the admission in that news article that HGH gives maximum benefit when you fast, exercise, and sleep enough. The article also acknowledges that “HGH can be effective when used in conjunction with other drugs.”

Despite watering down the claims that Human Growth Hormone can significantly build muscles, strength and endurance in athletes, it remains a fact that HGH use among athletes is way up. 5 years ago, I could remember there being only mostly patchy info on HGH, and hardly any instances of reported abuse among athletes being in the news.