Same old story about HGH

By | November 11, 2007

I just read a piece of news about HGH in Yahoo, that once again demonstrated the real confusion floating in the atmosphere regarding HGH. I’m all for open discussion on whether HGH is really a good treatment for aging, but that report appears very dismissive of HGH as a viable treatment for aging, and (sort of) calls for a ban on HGH altogether.

Regulate yes, but ban HGH? Why not ban vitamins then?

I have been a user of an HGH releaser since almost 5 years ago, back in those days when not many people even knew what HGH was…and I believe it did help me in the physical department. I slept better, and felt better. That’s why I am writing this blog – to talk about HGH! As I get older, HGH is one of my hopes, as I try to keep up my health levels.

I hope HGH is not just for the rich men who use it behind their closets.

First of all, HGH is not the fountain of youth, who ever said it was? It is one of the things we can consider to use as part of an overall holistic and synergistic anti aging strategy.

The problem is when people inject pure HGH into their systems without strict supervision from a qualified doctor and expect miracles. The “more is better mentality” rears its head way too much. What do you get when you abuse something? Anything being abused or misused will have ill consequences. Apples are good for you. But if you eat too many apples, what do you get? Does that mean apples are bad? HGH misuse will lead to bad consequences. That does not mean HGH is bad, when it is after all, a natural hormone in the body, just like any other hormone!

I am totally in agreement that part of the problem does stem from a lack of regulation in the industry, because HGH is still considered a “new” realm, and there are many quacks, fakes, and snake oil men, it’s true. And, the situation is compounded to a huge degree, when athletes misuse HGH for improving their performance.

The irony is that if it did not work at all, why should the entire sporting industry be this worried? That athletes who use HGH will have an unfair advantage over their peers?

I am all for greater research into HGH, and greater regulation to ensure HGH products have undergone lab tests to ensure veracity and efficacy, but if you start banning HGH, I think you’re going to get a worldwide revolt from all the aging people who care enough about their health to actually do something about it.

The Pandora’s box has already been opened. We’re into this too much. Rich folks have been using it for years. You’re going to have to tell all those movie stars to stop taking HGH as well. And you might as well forbid them from taking Botox, since that IS a real toxin, and we all know what toxins are supposed to do…;)

So let’s start bringing out HGH from behind the closets, and let’s discuss it in the open, what it does do, what it does not do…side effects…anything. The only thing I am convinced is that HGH is here to stay, along with all the other ongoing anti aging discoveries of our time.