The mind factor in anti aging

By | December 22, 2010

The single most important thing in staying young is the mind, and this cannot be emphasized enough. We need to use our minds to our advantage because it is our most powerful gift. Ancient peoples recognized the power of the mind in creating, and in destroying. Make no mistake; the mind is always involved in all aspects of your health and being.

Many things in life cause stress. As we know is highly detrimental to our vitality and longevity. But looking at it the positive way, it gives you an opportunity to learn how to manage your mind, the inner world inside you, and overcome adversity, and triumph. Stress is only relative to how you perceive it. Some cope very well; others not so.

There are some people who have somehow managed to limit their biological aging by revamping their previously unhealthy mind and thought processes. For a good example, you can take inspiration in Bob Delmonteque, considered one of the finest physical examples of his generation. Bob Delmonteque has always emphasized the power of the mind over the physical. [Edit] Bob passed on in 2011, but his principles are still valid.

What I like about his approach, is his natural and non regimented approach to fitness. He believes in doing whatever he feels like doing. This tip is worth noting, because this may be how you avoid burnout, fatigue, and discouragement, by varying your methods and avoiding an unduly regimented approach.

Self hypnosis is a skill that can be learnt

The subject of imprinting your subconscious mind with your desired program is an acquired skill, but one which can be richly rewarding, if you make this a lifelong education. Visualizing yourself each day as being young, and affirming to yourself that you are at a certain age, is an essential self hypnosis method for anyone wishing to stay young.

Rope in your mind as your ally, and you will be surprised at the things (you) can accomplish. Some sample affirmations are like these below. You can and should make them up yourself and tailor them according to your needs. Affirmations are best carried out when the mind is calm and free of distracting thoughts (meditative state).

  • I am at my perfect age, which is (insert number) and this is how I look and feel everyday of my life
  • All my cells are rejuvenated, and are full of health and vitality
  • Today I am getting younger, and younger

A Japanese scientist, Dr Masaru Emoto has done some interesting experiments on water molecules and thought projection. According to him, water molecules can be influenced by thoughts, words, and intent. Experiments like these bear credence to the power of mind, thoughts, and words, in influencing the physical world to a certain extent, at least. If water makes up 75% of human body mass, and it can be influenced by the mind, then it is certain your thoughts and subconscious beliefs do influence your physical body up to a certain limit.

Why do I mention “limits”? That “limit” is up to you alone, to find out!