Losing weight with HGH

By | April 20, 2011

One of the prominent effects of HGH is to increase weight loss. One of the chief reasons why we tend to gain weight (especially around the belly) during middle age, is because our body metabolism slows down and becomes less efficient compared to youth.

HGH on the other hand, has been found to be one of the best (if not the best) fat loss agents in the human body. While diets not only lose fat but cause loss of muscle mass, HGH actually helps you gain muscle mass, while losing the fat.

HGH and losing weight

In body weight, there is a strong interrelationship between:

  • HGH
  • Physical activity
  • Insulin
  • Adrenalin and stress hormones
  • Genetics

Fat burning happens when insulin levels are low. Insulin levels spike up when we have had a meal, particularly if it was high in carbohydrates. The insulin is needed to metabolize glucose. However, insulin is one of the top enemies for growth hormone. So is that why fat builds up in the body when we eat a lot – Lowering our HGH levels, leading to fat gain? There is ample evidence of overeating suppressing growth hormone, everywhere you look.

Fat blocks HGH

Fat old manAdditionally, too much fat in the body acts as an inhibitor to HGH secretion. Doctors know that fat tissue act as a storehouse of factors and hormones, which affect the release of other hormones, like HGH. But this is exactly what occurs during aging. Lean body mass goes down and is replaced by adipose (fat) mass.

Physical inactivity will exacerbate the situation, making you put on the pounds, which is nothing more than body fat. This is why you can observe people everywhere above 30, who have probably married and had kids, and therefore living a more sedentary lifestyle, piling on the pounds, and they also find it harder to lose it!

I have spoken a long time ago on fasting, and why it is beneficial to increasing HGH levels in the body. During a fast, your insulin levels drop to their lowest. In such an environment, HGH increases, and it works a lot more efficiently. As a result, fat gets burned up faster, especially when you undertake some physical activity. It’s all related.

Curiously, it seems increased HGH levels actually improves glucose metabolism by eliminating those fat deposits which ultimately increases the risk of insulin resistance. It’s why you always hear warnings that obese people are at high risk of developing diabetes. What is odd is that HGH requires an environment of low insulin, which as stated earlier is needed to metabolize glucose.

Taking HGH releasers


Technically, HGH releasers are anything that improves secretion of HGH again. It’s what most people have at their disposal, aside from HGH injections (which are still quite unavailable to most). Of course, take HGH releasers only on an empty stomach, at least several hours after a meal – otherwise they won’t work, with insulin around.

I’m positive a program of regular exercise along with taking HGH releasers can help you to lose weight and reduce the flab around your waist. Especially, if you add weight training to your routine, you should be able to balance the weight loss caused by the fat loss with lean muscle gain. One HGH releaser you should consider is GenF20 Plus.