Enteric Coating in GenF20 Plus capsules

By | June 7, 2017

GenF20 Plus capsules have enteric coating to maximize absorption. But what is enteric coating in the first place? Enteric coating means that the capsules will not be broken down in the stomach by the digestive juices, and only start getting dissolved when it reaches the small intestine. This improves absorption a great deal.

The chief reason why a lot of health supplements never get absorbed properly by the body is because they get destroyed by the digestive juices in the stomach. In order to mitigate this, scientists have designed coatings for capsules that will not break down in an acidic environment such as in the stomach, but in a more alkaline environment, like the small intestine. The small intestine is also where the highest absorption rate occurs.

Some nutrition experts believe that absorption can be improved upon by as much as 80-90% if there is enteric coating, while not having any enteric coating diminishes absorption to a very low 10-15%! Maybe this is why a lot of the health supplement tablets that you’ve been taking all this while do not seem to work at all!

genf20 capsules

I know this is why I get a slightly bloated feeling in my stomach if I take vitamin E capsules; the capsules dissolve while in my stomach and release the oil contained within them, causing bloating and some burping. This is really not an efficient way to get the nutrients into your system!

The bottom line is, you get more bang for your buck with every capsule of GenF20 Plus you take, knowing that the absorption rate is a lot higher than that offered by similar products with no enteric coating feature. This applies for HGH products made of powder that you need to first mix with water; the digestive juices in your stomach can destroy a lot of the potency of the product before it can even be absorbed properly. The enteric coating in GenF20 Plus capsules ensure that more of the nutrients inside the capsules get absorbed, rather than go to waste.

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