The ideal HGH releaser

By | June 3, 2009

I am sure you have seen HGH products being sold almost everywhere these days. Do human growth hormone releasers work? Today, I’m going to elaborate on this in more detail, and give some insights (from my side of the story).

I know HGH releasers fairly well as I have been taking them since 2002, but had to stop much along the way. Only relatively recently, have I gone on a sustained HGH program of my own, but what I’m talking about here is from my experience. It may differ from yours.

But firstly, let’s define what is an HGH releaser. HGH releasers, according to current definition, would be amino acid combinations “stacked” together, and are meant to be taken during low blood sugar levels (empty stomach) before exercise or bedtime.

Real HGH releasers are the closest thing you can get to real growth hormone, minus the huge cost, medical prescription, doctor supervision, and all the other hoops you need to jump through. Ignoring all those “homeopathic HGH” or “oral growth hormone” products, what I can say is IF you take the right HGH releaser, than it should work to some extent. At least, this is based from MY own experience trying out more than a few of these products.

Over the years, I’ve taken a few of these “oral spray HGH” and “homeopathic HGH” products, and my own conclusion is that almost all, (if not all); do not work in the slightest bit. But it could be a different story with HGH releasers – assuming you got the right product.

The way to ensure an HGH releaser works to raise your levels of circulating growth hormone is to make sure you take (at least) the main amino acid group, namely the big 4:

There are many HGH releasers that do not contain ALL four of them. Some only contain arginine or arginine + lysine. It’s no wonder they do not seem to work. A good brand should contain at least these 4 amino acids (or more). Some formulations may also contain additional ingredients containing growth factors, which are a bonus.

hgh-releaserAnd then you come to quantity. As a rule of thumb, the combined quantity of the amino acids needs to come up to around 3-6 grams (adjust according to need and situation). The ratio among the amino acids may vary according to brand, but arginine and lysine are usually the highest in quantity, followed by glutamine and ornithine. The pic I’ve attached shows the current HGH releaser I am using and the amount of amino acids contained per serving (I also add additional glutamine separately).

HGH releasers MUST be taken on an empty stomach, preferably before bedtime or exercise. Also, in order to maximize the effect, do not sleep late but get plenty of rest. If you can fast, do so, as fasting is one of the best ways to create the low blood sugar (and therefore, low insulin levels) environment required for human growth hormone to operate.

NB: I’ve gone on prolonged fasting periods before; I’ve fasted 1-3 days per week for more than a year in the past, so I know at least in part, what I’m talking about.

I hope this post serves as a fairly comprehensive guide to HGH releasers, as it is based largely on what I’ve experienced. Please take note that anti aging is not as simple as getting a growth hormone jab and then laying back on the couch watching TV all day with a beer in hand. You need to work at it every day, and keep a close watch on your health. Once your growth hormone output increases, I can assure you the benefits can most definitely be seen (and felt) in a tangible way!