Cycling HGH or taking a break

By | July 5, 2009

Cycling or taking periodic breaks is important when you take HGH releasers (or HGH injections). You cannot simply take them all the time and expect they will keep working fine. What this means is you need to take a break, like at least a couple of days off in a week, or in the long term, taking a whole week off in a month.

Cycling is quite necessary, not just for HGH releasers, but for any supplements you take on a regular basis that provokes an endocrine response, or is connected to hormones in any way. This is due to the body’s habit of developing “resistance” to any long term exposure to any substance introduced from the outside. HGH releasers stimulate the receptors that bind onto growth hormone each time you take them. So, constant stimulation will cause the receptors to be less sensitive to any HGH release from the pituitary.

Also, hormones work in the body by sending signals to other hormones. When hormone A increases, another hormone B may increase or decrease, in response to hormone A. So constantly stimulating the production of HGH via a foreign substance (HGH releasers), can disrupt this delicate hormone feedback balance.

How you cycle your intake of HGH releasers depends a lot on your own personal needs and your physiology. Some recommendations are to take HGH releasers for 3 weeks, followed by a break of a week, in a month’s period. This is not really a strict rule per se. The duration or timing is not all too important, but the need to cycle is.

Taking regular periodic breaks ensures your body doesn’t get desensitized to the regular stimulation you are subjecting it to, and I would consider it a must-do for anyone who is either taking HGH releasers, or undergoing HGH injection replacement therapy.