Ways to maintain or increase your HGH levels naturally

By | September 15, 2010

In real anti aging philosophy, age is really, just a number. I consider aging a debilitating disease actually, and I really feel it’s time to discard the accepted notions of aging we humans have been conditioned with all this while. The real question why HGH levels decline with age has not been fully answered till today, but the actual truth is – The pituitary gland’s ability to produce HGH does not diminish much with age, so the reason why growth hormone levels decline, has to be something else.

If there was a way to restore HGH levels back to previous levels 20 years prior in an old person, that person would undergo some major age reversal, so it’s not about what levels of HGH are “proper” for an old person, anymore. It’s more of why it does decline. Some reasons have been postulated, such as the hypothalamus becoming less sensitive to hormone imbalances, declining liver function, stress induced cortisol levels, and the inability to obtain deep, restful sleep with advancing age.

If you’re not able to obtain HGH therapy due to the cost and prescription required, there are still a lot of things you can do for yourself. This has been covered previously in many other posts on this site, but I think it’s best to recap here some of the best ways to maintain or even increase HGH levels – based on a natural, holistic approach.

Exercise, exercise, exercise

This is the number one thing you need to be doing. First things first, hit the gym or the road; get into the swing of weight training or calisthenics, combine it with running or other aerobic exercise. The former has the advantage of inducing growth hormone spikes, while the latter tends to produce a lower, but more sustained release. Studies consistently show that even moderate weight/resistance training done 40-60 minutes several times a week can result in increased HGH levels. People like Jack Lalanne are proof that it pays to cultivate the “fitness habit” from a young age.

Get adequate sleep

HGH rejuvenationThis is essential, because HGH is mainly released during sleep. The fastest way to age prematurely is to go without enough sleep each night for a prolonged period; try that and you’ll understand what I mean soon enough! There is a strong link between melatonin and growth hormone; melatonin induces deep sleep, which is when the pituitary releases relatively high pulses of HGH. Upsetting this synchrony can lead to a host of negative results.

Help your thyroid

I’ve covered the role of the thyroid before this, but it’s worth reiterating it again. Low thyroid hormone (thyroxine) will produce symptoms similar to HGH deficiency, as in dull, poor skin, hair loss, depression, low energy, etc. Hypothyroidism should always be ruled out with TSH tests, while you can help your thyroid function better by increasing your intake of iodine (deficient in most foods today).

Support your liver

The liver is the “laboratory” of the body, and you need it to function properly in order to convert HGH into IGF-1. Growth hormone is useless to the body unless it is converted into IGF-1 (and this is just one of the thousands of things your liver does). Sleeping late, eating chemical laden foods and heavy drinking binges can significantly compromise your liver’s ability to function optimally; you have been warned! Note: A useful herb that helps the liver is milk thistle.

Take HGH releasers

There are very few HGH supplements that would get my vote; the only “real” HGH supplements are HGH releasers in one form or another. Both should come to mean the same thing. HGH releasers can stimulate the pituitary to produce more growth hormone, but be warned, not every HGH releaser works as claimed! I have outlined before what are the general hallmarks of good HGH releasers; read it before you spend your hard earned money.

Try fasting

It has been shown by experiments that during fasting, IGF-1 levels increase, indicating a boost in growth hormone production. Fasting is not popular though – for obvious reasons. It’s not possible to list all the obvious benefits from fasting here, but if you do try fasting, you will begin to understand just why so many proponents advocate it.

Manage stress effectively

I consider stress the BIGGEST menace to health; so many conditions can be traced back to it! Stress results in elevated cortisol levels which simply put, can kill your cells quite rapidly. Meditate, listen to good music, go for walks, do whatever; just don’t let stress build up or fester in your mind or body, because it can really be detrimental to your entire being – Your pituitary doesn’t release HGH when your body and mind is stressed (and your cortisol levels are up). Stress is THE one way ticket to aging!